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BMI Inc.  

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FAB-CAN Fast Pall SERIES... Laser Cutting Machine 1-20kW

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  • FSCUT8000C EtherCAT CNC Control System 
  • High-power Intelligent Cutting Head
  • Motor Driven Exchange Platform

BLT641 or BLT661 intelligent High Power Head

  • Control system: FSCUT8000 system HypCut software
  • Magnification of spot:  X2.1
  • Power rating:  20kw


  • Focusing lens:  Monitor focusing lens status and detect lens pollution
  • Ambient temperature:  Monitor focusing lens environment temperature
  • Cavity temperature:  Monitor laser head cavity temperature avoid thermal effect to optical device
  • Cavity humidity:  Monitor cavity humidity and avoid dewing
  • Cavity pressure:  Monitor cavity pressure and cavity seal tightness
  • Protective window:  Monitor protective window temperature to guarantee cutting quality
  • Gas pressure:  Monitor output gas flow in production and avoid gas pressure fluctuation damaging cutting edge quality
  • Capacitcance: Monitor distance from workpiece to nozzle
  • Ambient temperature:   Monitor ambient temperature around sensor head
  • Cut gas temperature:   Monitor gas temperature to avoid heated gas affecting cutting edge quality


  • Plate welded heavy work bed, suitable for ultra-high power 20,000-watt laser. 
  • The increase in weight is very beneficial to the laser cutting machine and cutting speed.
  • Very stiff and stable base frame

FSCUT8000 EtherCAT bus system

  • multiple piercing solutions for metal sheet of different thickness; piercing slag removal; vibration suppression; ​close-loop gas control; Separate layer technique for large, medium and small contour cutting, all to expand the machine production capability.
  • Find edge: up to 1200inch/min high speed with precision find sheet edge, optional find edge patterns to meet your production needs.
  • File formats: support direct production of DXF and G code; support fast process of LXDS and NRP file generated by CypNest.
  • Assist functions: quick cut-off remnant sheet, auto  nozzle cleaning, auto lubrication, pallet changer, dust extractor...
  • Accuracy: theoretical path accuracy ±0.005'', positioning accuracy ±0.005'', repositioning accuracy ±0.005''.
  • Algorithm: adopt asymmetrical acceleration and deceleration algorithm, reduce machine impact and prolong machine Life.
  • Speed: acceleration 5G

Exchange Table

  • With this fast Up and over table we are eliminating a lot of time to change tables, and also eliminating a lot of moving parts, resulting in less problems.

Extruded Aluminum Gantry

  • Aerospace aluminum is manufactured with aerospace standards and extruded in a 4,300 ton press.
  • Ultra-lightweight design.
  • Increases rigidity.
  • Increases  machine speed.

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