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BMI Inc.  

CALL US: @  519) 635-0037 | EMAIL[email protected]

AdvanceLine Fiber Laser Cutting Mac​hines

At BMI we are in the process of bringing manufacturing of fiber laser machine to Canada, we have designed our first Fiber Laser machine which  can be customized to the specific  needs of the customer, in terms of the wattage of the fiber laser.

Our aim is to build a fiber laser machines right here in Ontario Canada, the goal is to have a machine that is affordable, designed, and built for the Canadian market, resulting in better after sales service and support, and because we are the OEM we are sure to stock the right part to fix any issue that the machine might have, because let's face it, any machine will have problems from time to time it can not be avoided.


Financing Simplified with Easy Lend

We offer financing to our customers through Easy Lend

Easy Lend offers the most competitive rates across Canada. Even if you do not meet traditional lending criteria, Easy Lend can accommodate you through specialized programs.

Call (647) 562-4201 x 101, or complete a credit application. After emailing or faxing the completed application back to Easy Lend, a representative will get in touch shortly.

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